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Testimonials ~ Alumni

Ana Lobe has always been more to me than just a ballet teacher.  She has been an inspiration as a dancer, teacher, and as my second mom. Now that I am a professional ballet dancer, I still seek her advice.  She has so much knowledge and passion along with a willingness to share it with all her students.  My training was solid and strong and it was an honor and a pleasure to learn (and continue to learn) from her.  I owe her so much for my excellent training; I am often asked if I have been Cuban-trained, because it is well known that it is fantastic training!  I also had the opportunity to learn with Ana GYROTONIC®.  It was excellent cross training to ballet and changed my body in positive ways.  I am now a company member with Nashville Ballet, where I have been able to perform as a soloist and corps de ballet roles.  I was also honored to compete at The USA International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi; 20 years after Ana competed.  This was special for me to share with Ana, as so few dancers will ever have the opportunity to have this amazing experience.  Ana did not just teach ballet and artistry, but used both as a catalyst to instill self-discipline, focus and confidence: all of which have carried through to other aspects of my life.  She has always been, and will always be, an inspiration to me in my ballet career and life.  
Alexandra Meister, Nashville Ballet

…….Alexandria Meister is a fully satisfying Lilac Fairy. She exudes a kind of patrician elegance and quiet confidence that seems a perfect fit for her character. One warm smile from this Lilac Fairy is all it takes to make the evil Carabosse cringe with fear. Meister makes the most of her appearances, dancing always with beautifully inflected and incisive motions.
Review from “The Tennessean”  Nashville, TN

"Ana Lobe trained me to become a strong dancer and a strong individual. My technique and stamina grew immensely through her classes. She also gave me the courage to continue to do what I love and to pursue my dreams. The foundation in dance that she gave me has continued to help me to stand out in my dance classes at Western Michigan University. Ana Lobe's love of dance continues to shine through her, her students, and her alumni."
Mallory King 

Ana Lobe's training developed me into a healthy, strong dancer. Without proper technique, a dancer cannot become versatile and grow. I drove an hour each day to train with Ana because of her exceptional dancing career and understanding of the body. Her intelligence and first-hand experiences created a nurturing environment of serious artists. I recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music with my BFA in Ballet. I am grateful that my dreams came true as I currently dance professionally with the Charlottesville Ballet! 
Hannah Deveny

Ana Lobe was an amazing teacher to me. She helped me discover the joy of dancing for a career. Ms. Lobe encouraged everyone to always follow their dreams and to do what they loved every day. Thanks to her extremely helpful instruction in ballet technique I have been equiped with the proper knowledge needed to get a job in the dance career field. Upon graduation from Slippery Rock University with a Bachelor of the Arts in Dance, I plan to work with the Mid-Atlantic Contemporary Ballet Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Nicole Young 

Ballet was more than just a hobby to me, I truly believe it shaped who I am as a person today. It taught me discipline, self-confidence, independence, and a different way of learning that required using your entire body. Right now I am a nursing student and I apply all of those things to my training and it helps me to strive for better things. Even if you don't plan on having a career in dance, it teaches you life lessons that you can use in any situation. I only took classes with Ana for 3 years which in that short time she played a huge role in these developments and I only wish she could have trained me longer. She also instilled a little Latin flair in my life; I can't listen to Shakira or watch a tango without thinking of her!
Tamara Pollack

I have had the opportunity to train with many wonderful teachers throughout my life, but my time with Ana Lobe' has been the best by far. Miss Lobe' has more professional ballet experience than any teacher in the Cleveland area and is always willing to share her expertise with every single one her students, no matter what. Miss Lobe has become a second mother to me. She believes in me and has helped me grow as a dancer and person. I am now 20 years old and a 3rd year Marketing major at the University of Cincinnati. Even though I did not continue a career in dance, I consider myself lucky to have known Ana Lobe. So many of the lessons I have learned from her (dance related and non-dance related), have carried over to my everyday life and have helped me become who I am today. 
Ellie A. Hildebrandt

I have always loved to dance more than anything in the entire world. For as long as I can remember, I have not only loved dance but had an incredible desire to be the best possible dancer that I could be. The problem was that I did not think I had the tools to do so. It was not until I changed studios when I was thirteen years old and met a few dance teachers that changed my life. One of those teachers was Ana Lobé. Ms. Lobé was such an inspiration to me from the very beginning. I could not believe that I had this wonderful opportunity to learn from a dancer who had such a phenomenal career, dancing in prominent companies such as National Ballet of Cuba and the Cleveland San Jose Ballet. I was so in awe of her and I wanted so badly to dance well for her. What I did not realize, until the first day I took her class, was that in addition to being a wonderful inspiration, she was an amazing teacher. She noticed my love of dance and my willingness to work hard, and taught me how to use them to improve my technique. She gave me corrections and taught me to write them down and study them night and day until I got it right. Then I would move on to the next correction. Ms. Lobé taught me that self-discipline and lots of hard work will always pay off in some way. She has also instilled in me the importance of dancing correctly to achieve more beautiful expressions and keep my body functioning at its best. Her attention to detail was and is phenomenal…I am twenty years old now, and I still love coming to Ms. Lobé’s class because she still gives me corrections that have and will continue to make me a better dancer and a better person than I was the day before.
Erica Piper

Training with Ms. Lobe was a wonderful experience in which I grew greatly as a dancer. She trained us to work hard and have a great work ethic, while still having fun in a positive environment. I was given many opportunities to perform, and my movement quality was able to mature. Ms. Lobe always believed in me which gave me the confidence to pursue my dream. I give much thanks to Ms. Lobe for helping me to get where I am today. I am currently in my junior year studying on scholarship at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music earning my BFA in Ballet Performance." 
Kelly Korfhage

Ms. Ana Lobe is an amazing dancer and choreographer who is dedicated to sharing her talent and passion for dance with her students. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to train with Ms. Lobe. The excellent dance education she provided constantly challenged me, and eventually enabled me to improve my technique and develop into a versatile and artistic dancer. I am also very grateful for the extra performing opportunities that she provided for me, including pas de deux work. Ms. Lobe shared her vast knowledge of dance with me, including her own personal stories. She is such a wonderful role model for me, and gave me valuable guidance, support, and self-confidence. She motivated me to strive to be the best dancer I could be. She instilled in me her passion for ballet, and this inspired me to try to pursue a professional dance career. I treasure my time spent with Ms. Lobe, and she will continue to inspire me throughout my dance career as I know she will continue to inspire and challenge her young dance students.
GYROTONIC® has helped me to understand my body by using different sets of muscles with each exercise. It helped to even the rotation and alignment of my hips and built up my core strength. With Ana as my instructor, my flexibility and muscle tone gradually increased. I continue to use the floor work in my warm ups to help engage my muscle groups and feel grounded. I believe that the GYROTONIC® Expansion System has enabled me to improve my dance technique.
Alexandra Hoffman, Louisville Ballet 

I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Ana Lobe throughout my dancing career. This will be my 19th year dancing, and as many dancers know, ballet is pivotal in a dancer's training and foundation. I truly credit my training to Ana. She not only pushed me as a dancer, but she also deepened my love for dancing. She was a great teacher and mentor throughout my training. After high school, I completed a degree in Dance Performance & Choreography. I am now a performer, teacher and assistant director at a local studio, and I believe she is one of the many reasons for my success. She never gave up on me and always made me believe in myself. I cannot thank her enough for her commitment and all the time she invested in me. Her superb teaching and training helped me develop into an accomplished dancer. I would not be where I am today without her help. I hold her in high regard and would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in a serious and committed dance program. Thank you Ms. Ana!
Katie Naso

"Ana Lobe has been a main influence to me throughout my dance career. She has pushed me to dance at my fullest, and has made me more aware of my body. She is a vigorous and motivational teacher that I have great respect for. Her experiences as a very successful professional dancer have given her the tools to build strong, successful dancers. Honestly, without Ms. Lobe's training, I would not be the dancer that I am today. Along with her training, she has always given me verbal motivation to push myself farther than I think I can go whether I am in her class or not. I am so thankful for everything that Ms. Lobe has done for me, and I am proud to say that I have had her training." 
Ryan DeAlexandro