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Testimonials ~ Parents / Dancers

Ana Lobe molded my early dance education for 8 years as well as one year in GYROTONIC.  Her expertise and eye for artistry has helped me get to where I am today. She knows how to prepare a young dancer to begin their journey to a professional career or any child for the career of their choice. She teaches self discipline, confidence, and commitment to every student she meets.  Her stories and knowledge have carried me through to my 7th Season with Nashville Ballet!  My strong training has provided me with a solid base to learn and grow into the dancer and artist I am today.  I will always be grateful for the wonderful relationship I have with her.

Alexandra Meister 2014

"Making the decision to go professional in the dance world is one that takes a lot of courage. And, coming from a city where strong ballet training is hard to find, I am beyond amazed at how far I have made it. After trying almost every studio in Cleveland, I was extremely fortunate to come across Ana Lobé. It was because of her training and her outstanding faculty that I was able to become part of the Nashville Ballet's Professional Training Division this fall. And, within a month of being here, I was chosen for a solo in a contemporary work. I owe everything to Ms. Lobé and Kelli Stanford because I know I wouldn't be where I am today without them. " 

Emma Brady 2014

IBC 2014:

Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher! I loved your classes so much and I wished I could have you every day! I hope I can take class from you again someday. I am also really looking into Gyrotonic! I will also never forget to “Smile, Smile”
Hailey Peterson (level 8)

Thank you so much for teaching me at this IBC. I really enjoyed your class and I learned so much. I loved that when we (level 7) could not get the pettit allegro combination you made us show you at Intermission. I will keep planking, doing push-ups, and doing releve arabesque with my hands crossed on the barre. Hopefully my arabesque will improve. I hope to see/take class from you again.
Willow Whitney (level 7)

Thank you for teaching at the IBC school this year. I am so grateful I get the chance to have you as you gave us so much information. I found that the correction about holding your core in exhale has really helped my control, especially in center. I have also been watching a lot of variations on YouTube to try to learn the music. This gives an edge to students, and I am glad you mentioned it. Thank you again and I hope to see you in the future!
Rachel Bauman (level 5)


Having Ana Lobe instruct and mentor my daughters is truly a wonderful experience.  We looked all over Northeast Ohio and happened to run in to a friend whose daughter started taking ballet from Ms. Lobe.  We decided to drive the farther distance (45 minutes) to take class with Ms. Lobe, and immediately my daughter was hooked. Ana's hands on, traditional, yet fresh approach to teaching improved my older daughter's technique and truly inspired her love of dance. Ms. Lobe is a rare find in the dance world. Not only is her resume amazing, she is a gifted and caring instructor. The lessons learned in class often reach beyond ballet class.  Her watchful eye and real world experience reduce the risk of injury, which so many young dancers are often plagued with.

I can't believe how fortunate my younger daughter (age 6) is to have been able to start her ballet experience with Ms.  Lobe. My younger daughter LOVES going to Ballet class. I can't believe how much she has learned.  It is fun cleverly disguised as learning. 

I often have people ask me why I don't just take my daughters somewhere closer. My answer is this: I don't take my car to just any mechanic; I want the best one. I don't go to just any doctor; I want the best one. Even if my girls don't choose a career in professional dance, I want them to be taught by the highest qualified instructor. As it turns out, she (Ms. Lobe) is a wonderful person as well.
Amy C.
May 28, 2014

My daughter has had a wonderful experience at ALBA!  She has just completed her first year with Ms. Lobe and in that time, her technique and movement quality have improved greatly. Her confidence in herself as a dancer has also grown.  Ms. Lobe is always very encouraging and respectful of all of her students and this attitude imbues the whole school.  It is really a wonderful place to train!
May 20, 2014

Ana Lobe has a rare combination of Latin warmth and high expectations that encourages her students to continually improve themselves. She enjoys cordial relations with all her dancers and their families. As a family, we have all enjoyed her caring, humor and optimism. We have also been impressed with her artistry in choreography, her discipline, and her attention to detail in preparing her dancers. Ana Lobe's cultural background allows her to share rich experiences that a ballet student would not find anywhere else.

When our daughter took ballet with Ana Lobe, we traveled 45 minutes (one way) to experience Ana's unique gifts. Ana sees ballet in perspective; as a balanced part of a young student's life and the whole person that makes up each dancer. She stays away from the extremes that can be mentally taxing or physically hazardous to a young person's development. She understands the physical and psychological factors that affect growing adolescents. She accepts and encourages all body types. In addition to dance techniques and performance, Ana teaches healthy nutrition, makeup application, and hair preparation.

Ana Lobe knows how to achieve professional results in ballet, tap, and jazz without the high costs attributed to recitals at some schools. Many of her students go on to professional ballet careers. Even if this is not the path for your dancer, Ana offers serious classical training that is balanced and holistic for each unique adolescent. Your child will achieve a great physical condition, a more disciplined approach to studies (even at school), and a wider appreciation of performance art for the rest of their lives.

The chance to study with Ana and experience her training is invaluable!
The Assaf/Cold family

My daughter has been a student of Ana Lobé for the last four years.  She became a student of Ms. Lobé in 2008 when she was twelve years old.  She had already had nine years of ballet before Ms. Lobé became her teacher.   Making the decision for my daughter to study ballet under Ana Lobé is literally is one of the best things I have ever done.  Not only has Ms. Lobé taught very valuable life-lessons, she has taught  proper alignment, head and arm placement, the correct way to hold your hands, turns, jumps, leaps, musicality, poise, dedication, and to be respectful.  Ms. Lobé shares her passion and the love of dance each and every day with her students.  She gives 100 percent of herself every time she enters the ballet class to teach.  What the students learn from Ms. Lobé at ALBA is invaluable, whether they are planning to become a professional ballerina or choose a different path in life.

In the four years under Ms. Lobé’s direction my daughter has never once been injured.  Ms. Lobé, being a classically trained ballerina, knows just how far she can push her students without injuring them.  She focuses on injury prevention, therefore, you never have to worry about injury.

I have never met a ballet teacher that focuses so much on detail.  Personally, I have had the opportunity to see Ms. Lobé perform when she was a principal ballerina with Cleveland San Jose Ballet, and it is an honor for my daughter to have Ms. Lobé as her teacher.  She is learning from a ballerina that has done it ALL in the “World of Ballet”.  From the lead roles in Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, and Carmen, to Don Quoxite and The Nutcracker, etc.  and the list goes on and on…  Ms. Lobé can give you her first-hand knowledge of what it was like on stage to perform in front of thousands of people.  She shares her many special experiences like when she met and performed for Princess Diana when she was with the English-National Ballet.  Ms. Lobé is extremely humble about her professional career.  She is also very honest and funny with her corrections to her students.  My daughter says that when Ms. Lobé gives her a correction and explains how a step or movement should be done, if she listens and does what Ms. Lobé is telling her, it makes it that much easier to do the movement.

We cannot believe that a world-famous ballerina is teaching in Broadview Heights, Ohio and that we have the privilege to know her as not only the amazing teacher that she is but the wonderful human being she is, as well…  She’s loving, passionate, understanding, and intelligent, mixed with a great sense of humor!   We Love you Ms. Lobé !!!
Sheila Buckingham

My daughter became interested in dance at an early age. So, as a parent I signed her up for classes at various dance schools offering training. I wasn't long before I began to realize that each school provided subpar education; dancers would quickly learn how to repeat the choreography for a particular segment and perform it. The experience quickly became costly in that I realized that my daughter didn't even know 1st position! It wasn't until I signed my daughter under the direction of Ana Lobe that she blossomed! Finally, I found someone who not only understood the culture of formal ballet training, but also puts her heart into each and every student based on individual progress. She graciously pushes her to her highest potential. I had a child that wanted to dance, but never enjoyed having to go to class. I now have a daughter who cannot wait to attend Ana Lobe's class. She has been inspired to continue a dream and grow in her abilities well into her future. Thank you Ana for your grace, expertise and the culture you bring to this venue.
Rebecca Maddamma 

To anyone and everyone interested in Ballet, for your child or yourself, I would like to say a few things about an amazing human being--Ana Lobe. We have been blessed and honored to have Ana Lobe in our lives and our children's lives, as their teacher/artistic director and friend. My daughter is 15, soon to be 16. She has been a student of Ana's since she was 11. The ballet school my daughter was attending had an instructor who had a baby, and Ana became our new Artistic Director. We had no idea just what we were getting with Ana. My daughter had been taught by the ballet school since 3rd grade and was upset when her instructor left. I convinced her to give Ana a chance, see if she might like her, before going somewhere else. Well, she did and my daughter adores Ana. Ana cares about her dancers more than any teacher I've ever known. I mean, really cares. She is more than a teacher, an artistic director; she is a wonderful role model and human being. She takes the time with each of her students to make sure they are doing things correctly. Ana teaches more than just proper form and technique, she is preparing them to be organized and disciplined for their lives, whether they want a dancing career or something else. When Ana Lobe resigned from the studio she was teaching, my daughter said,"If Ana can't teach me, I’m probably not going to be dancing. I want Ana and wherever she is going, that’s where I am going!" My daughter is serious about Ballet and she only wanted Ana to be her teacher. My daughter said that she's like her 2nd Mom and she loves her! That's the kind of human being Ana is. She cares so much about each of "her girls" as Ana calls them. It’s not easy to find people that care as much as Ana does. Ana possesses all the knowledge of being a former Principal Dancer and shares that with her students. Ana has all the values you would want your own child to have. I know many parents like me are dedicated followers and are so excited to have Ana opening her very own Ballet studio. My daughter will turn 16 this December, and every day that she has dance she is excited to go. If you ask her if she likes it, she says,"YES, I LOVE IT"! I wouldn't want my daughter to train with anyone else, now that I know Ana Lobe. I appreciate everything Ana has done for my daughter. For helping my daughter become the best dancer she can be... WE LOVE YOU ANA LOBE!
Michelle Veto

What a gem we have in Ana Lobe. My daughter has studied ballet since age 3. When we moved to Ohio 11 years ago, it was difficult to find ballet training that was consistent. We have thankfully been with Ms. Lobe for 4 years now. Just to watch the dancers grow and progress from week to week is nothing short of amazing. The way Ana’s class is conducted demands respect for the art of dance, for each other, and most importantly for Ana herself. My daughter could dance anywhere, but finding quality ballet training in our town was disappointing and frustrating. We currently travel over 200 miles a week just to follow Ms. Lobe. There just isn’t anyone in all of Northeast Ohio with her level of talent and expertise. When you are lucky enough to find someone of Ana’s caliber, the long drive is worth the trip!
Nomi Brady

Our two daughters have been studying ballet with Ana Lobe for the past four years.  During this time, my husband & I have seen each of them develop into strong, disciplined young women who have learned to balance the demands of high school, extracurricular activities (both are members of Strongsville High School Symphony Orchestra) and Ballet.   Ms. Lobe’s passion for ballet and desire to impart her “gems of wisdom” upon her students has sparked an energetic synergy in her classroom that is very apparent to anyone who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Her dedication to her student’s individual needs has resulted in a curriculum tailored  both to  aspiring ballerinas and also to those who just love to dance.  Our daughter Sarah, now a junior at Strongsville High School, had the amazing opportunity to travel with Ana to Menorca, Spain on scholarship as part of a Summer Intensive program.  It was there that the Master Ballet Instructor, Luc de Lairesse  introduced her to Yamuna Body Rolling as a method for dancers to condition their muscles,  avoid injury,  and  develop the highly sought-after long leg muscles that are so important to a dancer.    My younger daughter Laura is so excited to be training alongside her big sister for the Youth America Grand Prix and to have Ms. Lobe choreograph a contemporary piece especially for her that showcases her love of ballet and the violin.  Both girls have a real appreciation for the fact that they just so happen to train with a world-class artist and teacher and they intend to soak up all of the knowledge that she so generously shares through stories of her own experiences with the legendary Cuban teachers and other artists.  On the occasions that I have observed Ana’s teaching “in action”, I have been impressed by how she so adamantly implores her students to emulate her technique and articulations of movement—and the best part of my day is when I ask my girls, “How was class today?” 
The Gabay Family